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Our Program

3 states. 100's of students. 1000's of lives changed.

Empowering high school students to change the world through the experiential process of philanthropy. 

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Our story

At YouthRoots, it's about helping our communities. It's about making sweeping local change. But behind the scenes, it's about teaching a group of teenagers to fish.

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our mission

Using philanthropy as a vehicle, YouthRoots engages high school students in personal development, community partnerships and innovative ventures to foster leadership, integrity and social action, therefore cultivating a network of thriving adults who envision a better future and realize their full human potential.

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Learning to Change the World by Maya Younoszai

Changing the world sounds like a lofty task, one that no person in their right mind would say that they could reasonably accomplish during their high school careers, most not even in their entire lives. This is the attitude I had until I joined YouthRoots. I figured that if I could do something in my life that felt like it was helping someone, that would be good enough. If I could major in something in college that at least had a positive impact on those around me then I was doing what was expected, maybe even more when compared to some. But I quickly learned that I was all wrong. (Click to read more!!!)

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Pictured: Wan Dee, Grace Moya-Ranallo, and mahout Jan, in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hooked by Grace Moya-Ranallo

This summer I had the opportunity of a lifetime- to visit Thailand and work with the amazing elephants and people. From the moment I stepped off the bus in Chiang Mai, Thailand and into the world, I was hooked. Hooked on the opportunities the world has to offer me. Hooked on the complete and utter immensity of the world I live in. Hooked on the kindness of the human spirit. Hooked on the ability to make a difference. (Click to Read More!)

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Community Needs by Samie Staudenmayer

Throughout my two and a half years in high school I have contributed many hours of community service, but I was never exposed to the underlying themes of giving back. YouthRoots has taught me so many incredible lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. During the YouthRoots retreat, I had the opportunity to connect with others who have the same passion and desire the change the world as me, which helped stimulate in depth conversations about the pressing issues in our area as well as learning each other's strengths so we could be an effective YouthBoard when working together (Click to read more!)

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Join us


Philly is home to one of the newest YouthRoots YouthBoards! To be launched in the spring of 2016! 

High school students in the Philly YouthBoard will learn what it takes to change their community and the world through a unique award-winning model that combines the philanthropic process (raising thousands of dollars and granting it to nonprofits that meet the most pressing issues in the community) and a robust leadership curriculum that intertwines throughout the year. 

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Our oh-so-fancy Annual Report

Four YouthRoots students designed and created our annual report. They. Rock. Please enjoy reading it! And be sure to check out are awesome impact on page 7 and 8! 

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Want YouthRoots in YOUR Community??

YouthRoots is growing! Want all the benefits that YouthRoots offers for your community? Read more to learn about how the benefits of YouthRoots could improve your community! 

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