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Our Program

2 states. 100+ students. 1000's of lives changed.

Empowering high school students to change the world through the experiential process of philanthropy. 

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Our story

At YouthRoots, it's about helping our communities. It's about making sweeping local change. But behind the scenes, it's about teaching a group of teenagers to fish.

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our mission

Using philanthropy as a vehicle, YouthRoots engages high school students in personal development, community partnerships and innovative ventures to foster leadership, integrity and social action, therefore cultivating a network of thriving adults who envision a better future and realize their full human potential.

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Meet Marrakech!

I am second year YouthRoots participant, however, this year I decided to join the Executive Committee. This year I have taken over much more responsibility and it has been wonderful. I have created activities for my board with my fellow ExCom leaders and we have taken on more responsibilities for fundraising. By taking these responsibilities, I have learned a lot more about the philanthropic process and what it takes for things to run smoothly. Throughout this year I have explored new leadership roles which have helped me grow as a person. YouthRoots is a really great place to explore yourself in leadership roles, where it counts. I really enjoy YouthRoots and hope to continue on in the future. 

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Welcome to the YouthRoots team, Vy!

Vy is YouthRoots' communication intern. He will be busy updating our social media sites to make sure that everything is kept up to date and that YouthRoots' message is heard loud and clear. Vy is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver with the hopes of graduating in Fall 17. Vy has a passion for helping high school students achieve their goals and dreams. He also works for Upward Bound which is a program that helps first generation bound college students reach higher education. By interning at YouthRoots, he hopes to gain more experience in creating visual content for social media use in addition to helping as many high school students as he can. In his free time, when he is not studying, Vy enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and cruising around on his longboard. He is also a huge sports fan and an avid sneaker collector. 

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Alumni Spotlight - Arely raised $10,000 for a new building at her school!

Today it has being exactly a year since I was part of the YouthRoots family and is with a great pleasure to announce how much my time with them influenced my life. Nowadays I´m not only capable of problem solving about any issue, but I got to FUNDRAISE MONEY FOR A NEW BUILDING AT MY SCHOOL! How did YouthRoots help a young lady to do such a great jump from little community needs fundraising to such a large fundraising? I´m so glad I can answer that for you. YouthRoots teaches you the steps you should do when you meet the people that might donate money. They also teach you how to evaluate an issue in your community, how to address it, look for possible solutions, and the best part… become part of the solution.

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Join us

Year-End Celebration was a Huge Success!

Thank you to everyone who made it to the Year-End Celebration on May 12! Space Gallery was filled with close to 300 people celebrating the four Colorado YouthBoards who raised $24,000 for 11 nonprofits!!! The students led the entire program including check presentations, testimonies, and we even had an alumna from the first year come make a big ask. The power of youth philanthropy was evident that night.  

The event raised over $45,000 for YouthRoots to continue providing our life-changing leadership program to teen leaders!! Thank you all for coming and if you missed it, you are in luck because we get to do it again next spring!   

Thanks to our sponsors for making the event happen!


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Philly is home to one of the newest YouthRoots YouthBoards! To be launched in the fall of 2016! Applications are open and due June 3!

High school students in the Philly YouthBoard will learn what it takes to change their community and the world through a unique award-winning model that combines the philanthropic process (raising thousands of dollars and granting it to nonprofits that meet the most pressing issues in the community) and a robust leadership curriculum that intertwines throughout the year. 

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Want YouthRoots in YOUR Community??

YouthRoots is growing! Want all the benefits that YouthRoots offers for your community? Read more to learn about how the benefits of YouthRoots could improve your community! 

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Yet another oh-so-fancy and similar looking Annual Report

Last year's design of the annual report by four of our participants was so good that we used it again! (and it wasn't at all because we lack the skill and knowledge to create this fancy of one all by ourselves...) 

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