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Our Program

45 high school students, 3 YouthBoards, 7 months, Tens of thousands of lives changed.

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Our story

At YouthRoots, it's about helping our communities. It's about making sweeping local change. But behind the scenes, it's about teaching a group of teenagers to fish.

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our mission

Using philanthropy as a vehicle, YouthRoots engages high school students in personal development, community partnerships and innovative ventures to foster leadership, integrity and social action, therefore cultivating a network of thriving adults who envision a better future and realize their full human potential.

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What Philanthropy and Teenagers Have in Common (By Lena)

Philanthropy. How come the first thing that comes to my mind is Bill Gates and John Malone? Rich men with plenty to give. Up until I heard of YouthRoots, I only thought rich people or businesses could partake in philanthropy. The idea of teenagers, people who are dependent on adults for livelihood, participating in philanthropy seemed absolutely absurd. I thought that this was just not the way the world worked.

Enter YouthRoots. (Click to read more!)

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Executive Committee and Social Enterprise update from Emily

Hello everyone, my name is Emily Zislis, and I am currently a junior at Cherry Creek High School. This is my second year volunteering with YouthRoots, and I absolutely love it! I am a member of the executive committee on the South Board along with Mac. This role means that I am helping to facilitate the process that our fantastic group of volunteers is going through, meanwhile developing my own leadership skills. (Click to read more!)

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YouthRoots Creates Local and Global Citizens (by Hannah)

YouthRoots is teaching us to become active, aware citizens of both our immediate surroundings and of the globe, and we are therefore able to become both local and global citizens. Not only are we learning how to benefit the community, but we are also learning how to better ourselves, as we are learning very important life skills, enabling us to make an impact and change the world.

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Join us

Here's How to Join

Register to apply for a 2015-2016 YouthBoard! 

Due April 10th, 2015 by 5pm

We are a youth-led leadership development program aimed to teach and empower high school studentsto change the world! No, but really, we teach you how to change the world. I'm not joking. :) Plus, you complete a mini-MBA type program! What's better than changing the world while bettering yourself?! 

As a member of YouthRoots, you will:

- Use philanthropy to tackle issues you care about
- Impact your community in meaningful ways
- Learn and practice skills that will empower you to be a strong leader today and tomorrow
- Be on a team with other awesome high school students from different schools
- Program is completely free and counts for 80 hours of community service
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Every year, Denver's most passionate high school students come together to learn how to make a difference in the world. YouthRoots is a leadership development program that uses the philanthropic process as our experiential classroom to teach students how to change the world and give back to their community. Check out this video that summarizes the 2013/2014 program year!

15 Students Changing the World!.

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we're looking for you

Members of YouthRoots have some things in common. They're ambitious. They're creative and innovative. They're leaders. They want to make big dreams come to life. And at the core, they're motivated to make vast improvements in their world and community. Sound like you?

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