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Our Program

3 states. 100's of students. 1000's of lives changed.

Empowering high school students to change the world through the experiential process of philanthropy. 

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Our story

At YouthRoots, it's about helping our communities. It's about making sweeping local change. But behind the scenes, it's about teaching a group of teenagers to fish.

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our mission

Using philanthropy as a vehicle, YouthRoots engages high school students in personal development, community partnerships and innovative ventures to foster leadership, integrity and social action, therefore cultivating a network of thriving adults who envision a better future and realize their full human potential.

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YouthRoots Impact Partners (Formerly known as SCP's)

We're changing the title of "Social Change Partner" to "YouthRoots Impact Partner"

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YouthRoots in a Nutshell (By Sadie)

When you’re in high school, you’re required to learn certain subjects in school: English, Math, History, Science, maybe a language. Philanthropy isn’t on that list. Before the beginning of this year, I didn’t think I would be exposed to philanthropy was for a long time. I knew what it was, but I’d always associated it with charitable millionaires, definitely not teenage kids. In the past year, I’ve learned that philanthropy is a) not exclusive to millionaires and b) that I can be involved in philanthropy even as a high school student. Of course, I’ve learned so much more than that as well. Learning about working with all different types of people, governance, trust, and how to fundraise are things I didn’t think I’d learn about until I was in college, or even after that. (Click to read more!)

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Time + Energy + YouthRoots = The Ability to Change the World (by Cassie)

My Nana always told me that my time and energy are the most valuable things I can ever give in this world. That it is time and energy which keep the world moving forward and progressing. Time and energy are important. Time and energy are valuable.

Earlier on in life, I superficially recognized the power of time and energy. I saw it as a simple equation. Time + energy = positive outcome. I applied my time and energy into my schoolwork and sporting endeavors relentlessly.

Around April 2014 my friend Chaye... (click to read more!)


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Join us


Philly is home to one of the newest YouthRoots YouthBoards! To be launched in the spring of 2016! 

High school students in the Philly YouthBoard will learn what it takes to change their community and the world through a unique award-winning model that combines the philanthropic process (raising thousands of dollars and granting it to nonprofits that meet the most pressing issues in the community) and a robust leadership curriculum that intertwines throughout the year. 

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Our oh-so-fancy Annual Report

Four YouthRoots students designed and created our annual report. They. Rock. Please enjoy reading it! And be sure to check out are awesome impact on page 7 and 8! 

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Year-End Celebration was a Huge Success!

The night brought laughter, tears, amazing food trucks and tons of fun! The Space Gallery was filled with 250 people celebrating the fact that three YouthBoards raised $22,000 for 14 nonprofits!!! The students led the entire program including check presentations, testimonies, and we even had an alumnus from the first two years come make a big ask! The power of youth philanthropy was evident that night and I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our exciting growth and impact! 

Also, we almost doubled our expected fundraising goal so it was a very successful night on that front as well! Thank you all for coming and if you missed it, you are in luck because we get to do it again next spring!   

Thanks to our sponsors for making the event happen!

Title Sponsor:

- First Bank

Platinum Sponsors

- Confluence Builders
- Cornerstone Apartments
- Jeff Payne Video

Gold Sponsors:

- Madison & Company Properties
- Colorado Business Bank
- Stout Street Hospitality

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